JITO Star Award

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Jito star award dulichand jain

Yet another recognition of Dulichand Jain’s work in the field of education and humane values came in the form of JITO Star Award in March 2017. The email from JITO stated:

“You are an icon and role model for Jains in Chennai. Awarding a person like you will encourage others to excel in their respective fields.” – Jaswant Munoth, Chairman, JITO Chennai.

Jito star award dulichand jain

Awarded by JITO Chennai, the Jito Star Award was bestowed upon Dulichand Jain for
Excellence in Social Services. His work with schools and colleges across India in the form of the Karuna Club program as well as the soulful involvement with Vivekananda group of schools is being well received and well appreciated.

The award ceremony was held on March 20, 2017 at Music Academy.

Note: JITO stands for Jain International Trade Organisation. Their mission statement is: Creating a world class body of influential and powerful Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen and Professionals to come together for noble causes of  1) Economic Empowerment, 2) Knowledge, and 3) Service.

Jito star award dulichand jain4

You can view all the awards and recognitions received by Dulichand Jain on the Awards Page of this website.


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Sadhana of Mahavira article by Dulichand Jain

World Jain Federation

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Dulichand Jain and other Jain educationists were felicitated by World Jain Federation, Mumbai on Sunday, Dec 15, 2013.

DCJ Felicitation copy


Pencil sketch ~ A student pays tribute

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At Bikaner in Rajasthan where Dulichand Jain attended an event of Karuna Clubs, a student, Kumar Sahal of Std IX, drew a portrait of him. It is so wonderful to see how people look up to him and how much they respect him. We, his children and grandchildren, feel so delighted and inspired.


Research Papers by Dulichand Jain

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Here is a list of research papers presented by Dulichand Jain:

✦ “Ancient Jaina temples of Tamilnadu” at Seminar on Jaina Heritage of Tamilnadu, organised by Rishabheve Foundation, Delhi at Chennai, Tamilnadu – March 1995

✦ Jain vidya ke vikas ka rachanatmak karyakram” (Hindi) at Prakrit Language and Jain Vidya Sammelan, organised by Shri. Sthanakvasi Jain Sangh, Mysore, Karnataka – Nov 1996

✦ Jainagam mein bhartiya shiksha ke mulya” at Jain Vidya Goshthi; organised by Shri. S.S.Jain Sangh (Sowcarpet), Chennai, Tamilnadu – Aug 1998

✦ Jain parampara mein swadhyay” at Jain Vidya Goshthi; organised by Shri. S.S.Jain Sangh (T.Nagar), Chennai, Tamilnadu – Oct 1999

✦ Suman Muni sahitya: ek vivechan” at Jain Vidya Goshthi; organised by Shri. S.S.Jain Sangh (T.Nagar), Chennai, Tamilnadu – Oct 1999

✦ The eternal message of Jaina wisdom” at Wisdom of India Seminar; organised by Shri. Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Chennai, Tamilnadu – Jan 2002

✦ Relevance of philosophy of Lord Mahavira in modern times” at All India Oriental Conference, Chennai; organised by All India Oriental Conference, Poona, Maharashtra – May 2000

✦ Relevance of non-violence in modern society” at International Seminar on Mahavira & Ahimsa in 21st Century; organised by B.L. Institute, New Delhi – April 2001

✦ Educational values taught by Lord Mahavira” at Seminar on Educational Values; organised by Vidya Bharati Tamilnadu, Chennai – July 2002

✦ Non-violence for world peace and harmony” at Seminar on Ahimsa and World Peace; organised by Shri Jain Sangh, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu – April 2007

Extracts from paper presented at Jaina Convention, Chicago:

“The philosophy of consumerism is based purely on amoral principles, where self-interest is predominant and social welfare occupies secondary place…Today people in America own and consume twice as much as they did in 1950. The question arises whether they are twice as much happy as they were in 1950!”

“…a man should continuously watch his own behaviour so that it does not result in any injury to any living being. Jaina ethics give great attention to life-preservation…and kindness to all forms of life.”

Mahavira Jayanti

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Dulichand Jain and his daughter Pratibha Jain wrote an article about the wanderings of Lord Mahavira in 2002 for the Vivekananda Kendra Patrika. “Particularly motivating are the wanderings of the ancient seers, one of whom was Lord Mahavira whose wanderings were not just to sanctify the Earth, but a journey of the higher realms as well.” Read the article on this link: http://pratibhajain.org/2013/04/24/mahavira-the-great-wanderer/


Lifetime Achievement Award

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Lifetime Achievement Award conferred upon by Dulichand Jain, by the Rotary Madras Silver Beach! A proud moment for all of us.