Dulichand Jain had addressed many social forums and educational institutions about Moral Education, Humane Values and Jaina Philosophy. He had also presented research papers at various forums.


✦ At Karuna International Conferences

He had been the chief organizer of 22 National Conferences of Karuna International in different parts of India where he had delivered lectures and guided thousands of teachers and Karuna activists.

✦ At Karuna Clubs

Since 1995, Mr. Jain has given more than 500 speeches on life-values, with a stress on compassion and non-violence in schools and colleges.

✦ At Chicago, USA

He was invited as a guest speaker in July 2001 to Chicago, U.S.A. at the International Jaina Convention organized by the Federation of Jain Association of North America.  He presented two papers on “Importance of non-violence in modern age” and “Karuna clubs: An effective medium to propagate non-violence and vegetarianism.”





✦ At World Vegetarian Conferences

He actively assisted in organizing an International Conference on Vegetarianism in Chennai in 1993.  He also participated in the World Vegetarian Congress at Goa in September 2006 and presented a paper titled “Karuna and vegetarianism.”

✦ Research Foundation for Jainology Seminars

He has participated in more than 40 lectures and 5 National seminars organized by Research Foundation for Jainology, Chennai at Madras University.  These were addressed by eminent Jain scholars from all over India.


✦ During Paryushan Parva

For more than 15 years, Mr. Jain had given discourses during the 8 days of Paryushan Parva, the Jain religious festival. He spoke on a wide range of topics such as right knowledge, right faith, right conduct, austerities, theory of Karma, Scriptural studies, twelve contemplations, education, humane values and vegetarianism.



To view the list of some of the research papers by Dulichand Jain, click here

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