Shri Surendra M. Mehta, President, Research Foundation for Jainology
“Shri D.C.Jain’s able leadership, characterised by peace and harmony, and dedicated guidance over fifteen years as president of Karuna International deserve heartfelt congratulations.”

Pujyashri Chitrabhanuji, Founder, Jain Meditation International Centre, New York
“He is a living example of Karuna. He uses all his material and spiritual resources and energies into expounding the values of compassion; for it is compassion that eventually makes human beings human.”

CV Narsimhan, IPS (Retired), President – Vivekananda Educational Society
“Shri D.C. Jain, the suave and soft spoken Vice-President of Vivekananda Educational society, is a noble exemplar of the twin qualities of humane action and compassionate reaction in all situations in life. We are all gratefully aware of his distinguished service in effectively spreading the message of love and affection towards living beings by the youngsters in schools through the Karuna Clubs. May his ideology permeate the upcoming younger generations in all the long years to come.”

(Late) Dr. Nemichand Jain, eminent thinker & Journalist
“A proactive and goal oriented personality…I have immense faith in his endeavours.”

Jigyasa Giri, Kathak Teacher & Trustee of Satyasurabhi Trust
“Uncle’s calm, serene and handsome countenance is a perfect reflection of the ideals he believes in.”

Harshalata, an admirer
“Once he sees the potential in you, he will go out of his way to help you make something of your life. He is unconditonal in his giving.”

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